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We are proud to be able to supply and install wood shutters as an alternate window treatment. For centuries, shutters have been prized as fine window furniture and a testament to a homeowner's discerning style and sophistication. Shutters not only provide design, privacy, and light control options, they can also enhance the value of a home.


Hand Crafted

Quality Control


Engineered Style

Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increased appreciation. This requires the finest materials, handcrafting processes, advanced technology, and quality control systems. Quality Upholstery selected Norman Shutters because they create shutters with meticulous care and control of each step in the manufacturing process. Raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, sanding and finishing, and even packaging come together to provide matchless quality, durability, and long-term value.
Let us show you how we can enhance the beauty, style, and value of your home.

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